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Introduction to Innovational Musings

July 13, 2009

Welcome to my blog, Innovational Musings. It is here where I get to talk to myself in public about what I’ve learned and my thoughts about innovation, what it is, how it gets done and by whom.

In addition to my musing about what constitutes innovation and who does it, in what ways and how, my purpose is to promote and encourage discussions about how we in the Willamette Valley use innovation to build a better world. The blog is also about the history of innovation in the Valley and the upcoming Willamette Innovators Night event being held at OSU on Nov. 5, 2009.

As part of the newly named Willamette Innovators Night, 2009 (WIN 2009) event we will be introducing an interactive multimedia online timeline of the History of Innovation in the Willamette Valley. This Corvallis event started in 2002 as High Tech After Hours and has become the premier venue for exhibiting, sharing, and creating innovation for high tech and software companies in the Willamette Valley. This year we wanted to open the scope of the event  and are inviting participation across all industries, thus the name change. WIN 2009 is presented by the Corvallis Chapter of the Software Association of Oregon, Oregon State University, and the Corvallis-Benton Chamber Coalition.

This year’s theme is titled “WIN 2009 – Technology Threads – Connecting Our Community” and in keeping with the theme we have created an online community site to keep the innovation and conversation going year around. The rich social media site will be the home for the Willamette Innovators Network which will include partners, sponsors, exhibitors, committees, management, promoters, associated groups and attendees of the WIN events. What we are developing is a WIN-WIN situation that’s good for business and good for the community.

I will use this blog to tell stories about the History of Innovation in the Willamette Valley. This project will trace the companies, organizations, people, events and inventions that have improved performace and the quailty of  life in the Willamette Valley. The project will be presented as an interactive, rich media timeline at the Nov., WIN 2009 event.

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