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New IT digital dashboard tracks fed tax dollars.

July 16, 2009

One of the main reasons we changed the name of  the HighTech After Hours event, after seven years, to Willamette Innovators Night (WIN 2009) was open the annual conference/expo to companies and organizations beyond the high tech and software industry. We are encouraging Willamette Valley innovators of all kinds to join us in November to network and learn what’s happening with local entrepreneurs and other movers and shakers.

We will feature innovators from outside of industry too, health care providers, non-profits, education and even government agencies. Here’s an example of a cool tool from the feds.

The federal government has just introduced a new digital dashboard to track where your tax dollars are going. We know to manage we must measure, but you must be able to understand and interpret the data. This new site helps taxpayers by with innovative IT and Business Intelligence (BI) tools using colorful dynamics graphics to display data from 28 federal agencies, information on more than 7,000 federal IT investments and detailed numbers from more than 780 large projects.

Vivek Kundra, the first federal CIO, introduced the new Web 2.0 tool on his blog. “The“IT Dashboard” is a new, one-stop clearinghouse of information that allows anyone with a web browser to track federal IT initiatives and hold the government accountable for progress and results. A part of, the dashboard allows you to see what IT projects are working and on-schedule (and which are not), offer alternative approaches, and provide direct feedback to the chief information officers at federal agencies – in effect, keeping tabs on the people who are responsible for taxpayer dollars for technology.”

Here’s a video about IT Dashboard. Let me know if you think this innovated approach will be used and how likely it will help to improve government spending accountability.

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