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Eat at Frank Lloyd Wright’s

July 17, 2009

If we’re talking creativity and innovation, few people better exemplify those characteristics than Frank Lloyd Wright. I didn’t know that the only Wright designed home in Oregon was right here in the Valley in Silverton.

You can visit it most any time for a tour. But, there is a special event there on August 2 where you not only get to see the home but enjoy a tempting array of local food and drink. Below is information and links to the FLW, the event and the Gordon House.


Frank Lloyd Wright, June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959

“Space is the breath of art”

‘Man built most nobly when limitations were at their greatest.’

The Gordon House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is the only building in Oregon designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Gordon House Conservancy encourages renters to recognize the effort and expenditure that has been undertaken to preserve and continue the restoration of the house while making it available for enjoyment by the public.

A Taste of Wright at the Gordon House on Aug. 2

Local chefs will team up with Willamette Valley farmers, wineries, and Silverton’s brewery to provide a culinary grazing extravaganza at the Gordon House on August 2 from 1 to 4 p.m.  Plan to spend this summer afternoon exploring the best partnerships of farm, food, family, friends, and Frank.  Our slogan is “Frank was a foodie”

Tours of the Gordon Historic Site

There is a story in every room:
The Gordon House, the only building in Oregon designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, offers guided tours of the interior of the house. The tours are conducted by knowledgeable and entertaining docents who will cover the theories and practices of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, the story of how an Oregon farm family commissioned Mr. Wright to design their new home, the near destruction of the home in 2000 and the rescue, dismantling, moving and reconstruction of the house in historic Silverton next door to The Oregon Garden.

Excelenent Burns film on FLW

Wright and Olgivanna began the Taliesin Fellowship, taking on apprentices. Fallingwater brought him new acclaim for its modern principles and materials integrated with the landscape. Usonian houses were high-quality, affordable housing for mass production. In 1937, the Fellowship began annual pilgrimage to Arizaona’s Taliesin West. His provocative postwar gas stations, synagogues, and a spiral-ramped Guggenheim Museum, closed out his career.


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