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Nike Story on CNBC

July 26, 2009

There was an in-depth program on Nike that ran on Friday night. If you missed it there’s quite a bit on the CNBC web site and the show will run again on Aug. 6, 2009.

We will be covering Nike later, but this show and article give good insight into Oregon’s, arguably most innovative and successful company.

Below are links to short interviews with Phil Knight and Dan Wieden. There are more videos and an article at:

Swoosh! Inside Nike

By Darren Rovell

Sports Business Reporter, CNBC

Nike has this business of buzz down to a science. That’s not surprising from what may be the most successful marketing machine in history. It’s a juggernaut that began with Nike’s signature Air Jordan and continued for 23 more versions — a shoe that has become a part of basketball legend Michael Jordan’s legacy.

The Beginning

A ragtag group of running geeks used grit, genius and a little luck to create what’s now the world’s dominant athletic shoe and apparel company. In a rare interview, Nike cofounder Phil Knight tells CNBC how he paid just $35 dollars for the now famous “swoosh” logo.

Just Do It!

It took a quirky ad agency whiz, Dan Wieden, to convince Phil Knight that advertising could propel Nike to a global success. Popular and sometimes controversial ads featuring the top names in sports – Jordan, Woods, Barkley – helped Nike conquer the sports world.

Swoosh! Inside Nike: Exclusive Courtside Seats To An All-Star Business Story

CNBC takes you inside Nike for an unprecedented look at this iconic brand’s $16-billion empire with a behind-the-scenes look at how Nike designs its famed sneakers.

It’s the side of Nike you’ve never seen – from the drawing board to the factory floor to the store shelves.

The above DVD is currently sold out. But, the show will run again on Aug. 6, 2009, if you want to see it.


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