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Is This True for Oregon Too?

August 5, 2009


Why California Is Bad For Innovation

Gary Sutton08.05.09, 12:00 PM EDT

High costs and legislation are driving companies out of the Golden State.

Gary Sutton

It’s now stupid to start an innovative business in California.

Here’s why one business I direct should leave. It’s got a sweet electro-optical product that delivers superior images. But sales stayed flat until production left California for China in 2004. Three things happened:

First, costs dropped–but only by 15%, since many of the components were already produced in Asia. Second, quality improved–there’s something few people get. Third, turnaround times got quicker. Yikes.

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In a related article

California’s Not So Dreamy Anymore

California gleaning, on such a summer’s day

Copyright Associated Press / NBC Bay Area
First Published: Aug 5, 2009 6:43 AM PDT
Updated 7:35 AM PDT, Wed, Aug 5, 2009

A new Field Poll shows the California dream has faded since the 1970s for many in the Golden State.

Just 41 percent of registered voters agree the state is “one of the best places to live,” a sharp drop from the 76 percent who thought so 30 years ago when Field first asked that question.

The survey, released Wednesday, found that Republicans were the most likely to have lost that lovin’ feeling about their state. Just 30 percent of GOP respondents said California remained a great place to live, compared with 80 percent in 1977.

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But, don’t be too down – this too is true.

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