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Creating ONAMI Art and Message

August 17, 2009

Worlds Within Worlds

Over the last week I’ve been telling you about the latest good news from ONAMI and its related firms. At Sanda Communications, since our founding in 1998, we’ve call ourselves, “Storytellers for the Information Age.”

We have done a lot of work with high tech companies, from global giants to neighborhood start-ups. Our passion is helping innovative companies and organizations tell their stories in compelling ways, so that their customers, partners and investors – Get It.

Back in 2003, as the initial groundwork for ONAMI was being laid Sanda was called in to help with creating a logo and corporate identity package. We were delighted to work with Skip Rung and his team in launching this promising new institute.

ONAMI logo creation

Read the story and see the short video

Over the years we have designed ONAMI advertisements, information packages, presentations, trade show booths and signage, and other assorted print and online marketing materials. We’ve also worked with ONAMI partners and companies on a number of their projects.

Most recently Sanda has worked with the ONAMI team in creating a new set of tradeshow banners, handout fliers and ads. We helped to craft the new ONAMI message and a refresh of the corporate ID as well as creating a new tagline for ONAMI – discover – develop – deploy. We believe the tagline captures concisely and memorably the ONAMI mission.

You can read the new ONAMI flier by ckicking on the below graphic.


Click on image to see full flier


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