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Insight and Humor from an Undismal Source

August 27, 2009

I just back from a week’s family vacation in the San Diego Area. Great time, and got to see friends, family and visit a few historically interesting places. The people and places were all within a short driving distance so we were not too frantic in reaching everything.

We got to see The Salk Institute, the Rancho Poncho or Leo Carrillo’s Ranch Historic Park. Carrillo was best known as Cisco’s (not the company) sidekick in the Cisco Kid TV and movies. The USS Midway Museum and the longest drive was to see the 200″ Hale Telescope at the Palomar Observatory.

The 200-inch (5.1 m) Hale Telescope (f/3.3) was the worlds largest effective telescope for 45 years (1948 - 1993).  It is still a workhorse of modern astronomy.

The 200-inch (5.1 m) Hale Telescope (f/3.3) was the world's largest effective telescope for 45 years (1948 - 1993). It is still a workhorse of modern astronomy.


Plus, I got to see an old friend, Stan Mintz. He helped to open HP Corvallis and worked on many early calculators, including the immortal 12C. Stan also founded Intellidex the advanced robotics company in Corvallis in 1981. I shot a video of Stan reminiscing about his early days at HP, his cube mate Steve Wozniack, why HP came to Corvallis and the rise and fall of Intellidex. I will post an edited version of the video next week.

While I was gone I got the Conerly Newsletter read all about it below.

Conerly on the Economy for August 2009

I heard Bill Conerly give a presentation in Portland several years ago on the regional economy. I’ve never been keen on economics, even though I recognize its importance and know that all our boats, big and small, are tossed, carried and sometimes sunk by the economy’s winds and currents. Like good sailors we all need to know which way the winds will blow. Over the years Bill and I have swapped stories and lunches and I always take a look when he sends me something.

Economics, has long been known as the dismal science because it’s a dry and numbers based field. Not true when presented by the innovative Dr. Conerly. His keen insight and humor laced talks are fun and enlighten. His August newsletter arrived in my in-box and reminded me to pass it on and recommend it to the readers of this blog.

The dismal science is a derogatory alternative name for economics devised by the Victorian historian Thomas Carlyle in the 19th century.”

The newsletter includes simple to understand charts and graphs with hand scripted comments from Bill. It’s one thing to see the numbers and trends, it’s another thing to know what they mean. Bill does and knows how to convey the significance of the data – in a very UNdismal way.

Here’s links to his newsletter, blog and website.

There’s info on his book Businomics and videos from some of Bill’s national TV interviews. Take a look – he’s a smart and funny guy who knows which way the economic winds are a blowin’

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