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2009 Innovation Plan for Oregon

September 1, 2009

Plans, Partners and Progress for Innovation in Oregon

Below is a sample of what you’ll find on The Oregon Innovation Council’s web site.

“At its heart, innovation is the ability to generate value by doing old things in new ways, or by doing entirely new things.

Innovation is the new “currency of competition” for industry and government.

Innovation inspires workers and customers, makes businesses more competitive and creates new—and better—jobs.

In 2005, the Governor and the Legislature put Oregon ahead of the curve when they worked with innovation leaders from across the

state to create the Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC).”

Innovation Plan

The 2009 Innovation Plan is a comprehensive portfolio that incorporates initiatives from across the state. Over the long-term, all regions of the state will benefit from this package of targeted investments.Download the 2009 Plan (PDF)

Below is a link to a good video on an OSU forestry innovation program.

Oregon Forestry Industry

Oregon is the nation’s number one producer of lumber. See how a new Oregon InC initiative will make it more sustainable by making it more efficient at growing, harvesting and transporting timber.

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