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Stan Mintz Interview – Part 1

September 17, 2009

Innovator, Entrepreneur and R&D Master Driver

This is the first Innovational Musings Innovators Interview. I’m very pleased that it is with an old friend, Stan Mintz. Stan and I along with Dave Scribner and Lew Cantwell (also HP veterans), worked for Servo Products in Pasadena, California. But Servo, an HP related company, is another story.

I knew of Stan before we started working together, back in the early 80’s because I was doing a lot of writing, lecturing and consulting in the robot business. I had just finished up my article for the Encyclopedia of Robotics, “Pioneers of Robotics” and Stan was a part of it as the founder of Intellidex.

We were sitting in Stan’s backyard just north of San Diego, so some of the video is dark, lit by a gas fire and the audio could be a bit louder, but Stan was comfortable and in a great mood to talk. I hope you find it interesting.

In Part 1/5, Stan discusses

  • Intro to Stan and his early days at HP
  • HP & Steve Wozniak on calculators
  • Why HP didn’t adopt the Apple I
  • Stan moves to Corvallis in 1975
  • Why HP chose to locate in Corvallis

Intelledex Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see articles and photos about Intelledex continue…

Selected Intelledex Articles 1983 – 1986

Click image to enlarge…


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