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HP Corvallis History And Free Video

October 20, 2009

Teaser About HP Corvallis History and Free DVD

I’ve been doing research on HP Corvallis for the history of innovation project. I’ve been learning some interesting and surprising things. Some were revealed in the lengthy interview I did with Stan Mintz and other stories and views.

Like this quote from Michael S. Malone’s, 2007 book about HP titled “Bill and Dave” where Malone, a well respected technology journalist states.

“If Hewlett-Packard made a major mistake with its Advanced Products Division in the mid-1970s, It wasn’t with Steve Wozinak, but in rather in moving the operation to Corvallis, Oregon.”

(p. 282, in the section “Lost in the Woods”) The Wozniak reference was to HP passing on the chance to spin-out Apple Computer. If anyone can confirm or refute Malone’s opinion, please leave me a comment.

A more cheerful find was the HP history timeline

HPs first product, the 200A audio oscillator

HP's first product, the 200A audio oscillator

It’s got a lot of great HP history on the web site, although precious little Corvallis specific. And there’s an excellent video documentary called “Origins” by filmmaker Robby Kenner.

The story of Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard and the early days of Hewlett-Packard is the beating heart of the Silicon Valley phenomenon. Their legacy of leadership and success continues to inspire and influence the ongoing saga of technology. Origins, a documentary commissioned by HP, takes a look back on the founders and the values behind the viral business model that spread beyond geographical boundaries and seeded generations of Silicon Valley start-ups.

It’s very well done and a nice complement to Dave Packard’s book “The HP Way” “Origins” is quite a find and available free from the site.

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