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Dan Whitaker’s Excellent Ventures

October 29, 2009

Valley Entrepreneur Has Fun All The Way To Market

Dan Whitaker, one of Corvallis’  most active and successful entrepreneurs sits down with Jamie, Innovational Musings’ intrepid reporter, for an interview. In the first of four parts, Dan discusses his views on what it takes to start a company and make it work and grow. He knows, having helped start seventeen companies and associations, virtually all of them successful.

Here’s some down to earth advice from a man who has every right to be arrogant and vain – but isn’t. He’s a good example of Oregon charm. Smart, well-spoken and modest, he has a quick wit and an easy smile. Little wonder that when our local chamber wanted to chose the right person for Corvallis’ first “Entrepreneur of the Year”, Dan was a shoe-in.

Part 1 where Dan talks about:

  • 1979: Software Support Services
  • 1989: SAO founding
  • Education of an Entrepreneur
  • 1991: Evergreen and Rogue Wave Rouge Wave goes public
  • Developing company values
  • Having fun serving customers

We had a number of complaints about the blues harp music on our earlier videos. So we tried a new, harder,  less Sesame Street intro riff. What do you think? Please browse to the top of this post to leave a comment and voice your thoughts. Also use the RSS feed button up top to subscribe to Innovational Musings, either vis email or your RSS reader. Thanks!


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