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Dan Whitaker Interview – Part 2

November 4, 2009

Making it in the Willamette Valley

Dan Whitaker, one of Corvallis’  most active and successful entrepreneurs sits down with Jamie, Innovational Musings’ intrepid reporter, for an interview. In the second of three parts, Dan discusses his views on what it takes to start a company and make it work and grow. He knows, having helped start seventeen companies and associations, virtually all of them successful.

Here’s some down to earth advice from a man who has every right to be arrogant and vain – but isn’t. He’s a good example of Oregon charm. Smart, well-spoken and modest, he has a quick wit and an easy smile. Little wonder that when our local chamber wanted to chose the right person for Corvallis’ first “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Dan be at WIN 2009 tomorrow night – you should be there too!

In this 2/4  interview section Dan discusses:

  • What makes the WV a good place for entrepreneurs and what are the challenges of being here
  • Rogue moved to Bolder
  • Raising VC money
  • Quality of life workers in the Willamette Valley
  • HQs of companies are usually where the founders live
  • Comparing Oregon vs. California entrepreneurs
  • Impact of our schools in attracting top talent
  • What – no opera in Corvallis!

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