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Innovative Manufacturing Study And Awards Program

November 4, 2009

Managing  Automation Releases Innovation Study and Award Program

The below article, survey results and award program for manufacturers is interesting and important. If you are in industry and don’t read Managing Automation – you are missing an excellent resource. If you are an innovative manufacturing company or know of one, the MA Progressive Manufacturing Awards Program wants to know your story, see below.

Annual Innovation Reader Poll: Damn the Recession! Full Speed Ahead!

The downturn hasn’t dampened manufacturers’ enthusiasm for innovation, with some even putting more emphasis on it. But management problems continue to impede progress.

by David R. Brousell, MA Editorial Staff

The Great Recession has affected many things in the manufacturing industry during the past year and a half. The industry has shed more than 2 million jobs, many companies have suffered significant financial losses, and some have had to close their doors. But the downturn has also motivated manufacturers to fight back, to find new and better ways of doing things. Full article and survey results…

“The Progressive Manufacturing idea has captured the spirit of an industry that is in the throes of dramatic change,” says David R. Brousell, Editor-in-Chief of Managing Automation and a Progressive Manufacturing judge.“Innovation, invention, and new ways of thinking about the business of manufacturing are picking up steam everywhere. The expansion of the Progressive Manufacturing Awards Program pays tribute to this important trend.”

Based on evaluations of our panel of expert judges, Managing Automation will select the following winners for the 2010 awards program:

•  The Progressive Manufacturing 100 honors both a large and a small/medium-sized company. This will allow us to recognize two companies for their distinct achievements in overall Progressive Manufacturing.
•  Editors’ Choice Award – This award represents companies that have caught the attention of our editors for special recognition.
•  Best of Mastery awards will be given to projects showing exemplary achievement in each specific sub-category for the eight core masteries (i.e. a project will be awarded Best of Mastery for sub-category Enterprise Intelligence within the Data & Integration Mastery).
•  High Achiever awards will be given to those projects that demonstrate maximum mastery of one of the eight core disciplines (i.e. a High Achiever award will be given to one project in all of the Data & Integration mastery).
•  Progressive Manufacturers must incorporate multiple levels of innovation into their business to be ranked among the PM100. After reviewing all nominations our judges select those companies who have excelled across multiple disciplines to select the Progressive Manufacturer of the Year. More on awards…

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