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UW & Lamborghini Open Awesome Lab!

November 30, 2009

New Lab Increases Region’s Car Clout

We’ve written about electric vehicle news in Portland races and Eugene launches, as well as new battery technology being developed by Albany’s Oregon Freeze Dry and EnerG2 a Seattle start-up. Now, there’s interesting car news from the University of Washington and Lamorghini of Italy. They have formed a new advanced composites lab at UW.

UW has a history of composite research in aerospace from it’s years of working with Boeing. The new lab will develop advanced automotive applications of composite technology to reduce weight while increasing the strength of new vehicles. These developments are critical to improving automotive fuel economy and safety. This collaborative lab is a welcome investment in our region and a new arrow in our car cluster quiver.

Below is a lead to the UW PR release and a cool video of a Lamborghini Murcielago. Now here’s a place that the oft overused term “Awesome!” is appropriate.

UW’s newly named ‘Lamborghini Lab’ brings composite parts to sports-car arena

Oct. 6, 2009

A partnership between the University of Washington and the Italian sports-car company Automobili Lamborghini has been formalized, and the presidents of both organizations today attended the naming ceremony of the UW’s Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory.

The UW is the first university in the country to collaborate with Lamborghini. The company has committed to provide substantial funding for lab equipment and support for UW undergraduate and graduate students.

“This partnership is a win-win situation,” said Matthew O’Donnell, dean of the UW’s College of Engineering. “It further establishes the Pacific Northwest as a leader in composites research, it funds equipment for a UW engineering lab and it provides students with valuable research experience that’s directly tied to real-world applications.”

“Partnerships between the UW and industry leaders like Lamborghini give our students the advantage of working on real-world problems,” said UW President Mark Emmert. “We are excited that UW researchers and Lamborghini engineers will be collaborating to bring innovative materials to the automobile industry.” Full release…

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