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Instant Karma In Space

December 8, 2009

Talk About Your Exotic Composite Vehicles

SpaceShipTwo Roll Out

Fighting against the stormy Mojave weather SpaceShipTwo was rolled out to a spectacular display at Mojave Spaceport

On Monday 7th December Virgin Galactic unveiled SpaceShipTwo to the world at Mojave Spaceport, California. 800 press, future astronauts and VIP guests gathered in the desert for a press conference and to view the roll out of the world’s first commercial spaceline.

The innovative SpaceShipTwo uses all the same basic technology, carbon composite construction and design as SpaceShipOne. However it is around twice as large as that vehicle and will carry six passengers and two pilots. It is 60ft long with a 90" diameter cabin.

Take a look at those fabulous wings that feather down for gliding back into earth’s atmosphere. They look like the scissor-doors on the Lambo in my earlier post. The below video is a good introduction to the brilliant design and build by Burt Rutan’s, Scaled Composite team and marketing genius of Sir Richard Branson’s, Virgin Galactic group.

There’s also a wonderful quote in the video (03:25) by Brian Binnie, pilot of the first SpaceShipOne flight. He describes the journey of contrasts and majestic sensation of reaching the silent edge of space. “Vibrations go away, the shrieking, shrilling noise of the rocket motor disappears and you get the instant karma of weightlessness.”

Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You

“Who do you think you are? A super star, well right you are. We all shine on, like the moon, the stars, and the sun.”

John Lennon, 1970 (Yoko – don’t look, don’t ask)

“Instant Karma!” was recorded for and is John Lennon’s third solo single on Apple Records. The song is one of three Lennon solo songs, along with “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance”, in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It ranks as one of the fastest-released songs in pop music history, recorded (at London’s Abbey Road Studios) the same day it was written, and coming out only ten days later. Lennon remarked to the press, he “wrote it for breakfast, recorded it for lunch, and we’re putting it out for dinner.” The song was produced by music producer Phil Spector. AbbeyRoadForever, June 11, 2008

John Winston Lennon, was shot and died on December 8, 1980, outside his apartment building near New York’s Central Park. He was just 40-years-old.

Call me a dreamer, but someday we all may have our 15 minutes in space. But in case you can’t afford the $200,000 for the trip on SpaceShipTwo in 2011. You can wait for Blue Origin’s New Shepard, a vertical takeoff and landing rocket, sometime after 2012. It’s a venture of Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and billionaire, perhaps he’ll offer free shipping!


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