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EV Come Home – Part 1, Intro

December 14, 2009

Corvallis To Be Test Site for Nissan “Leaf” Electric Car Evaluation

In keeping with my series of blogs about future car technology, last Friday I attended a presentation by Corvallis Mayor, Charlie Tomlinson. He briefed a dozen or so local auto dealers on the city’s plan to participate in an innovative electric vehicle launch program. Mayor Tomlinson wants to include the dealers in discussions on the deployment of the electric charging infrastructure that will be needed to support the growth of EV in town.

Mayor Tomlinson, Talks the Talk...

... using his electric vehicle each day he Drives the Drive.

The first program will be part of the Nissan/eTec EV Project that will be the largest rollout of EV technology. And even though the first cars being evaluated in the program are from Nissan. Ford, Toyota, GM, Honda, Chrysler and other manufacturers have near-term plans to introduce electric or plug-in hybrid cars and will benefit from the electric charging infrastructure being developed.

The below articles in Wired discuss the program…

Nissan Scrambles to Create EV Charging Stations

Nissan is planning to roll out thousands of electric vehicles next year and is rushing to establish a network of charging stations where owners can plug in to keep them going.

The Japanese automaker is working with Ecotality to bring 11,210 chargers and 4,700 Nissan Leaf electric cars to five states — Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and Tennessee. Ecotality is getting a big assist from the Department of Energy, which has granted the Arizona company $99.8 million to underwrite The Electric Vehicle Project. Ecotality calls it “the largest deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in history.”

Part 2 will be more on the program and the challenges facing a practical electric car…


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