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Fly To Work Or War In Nasa’s Puffin

January 22, 2010

Avoid Traffic Jams and IEDs

Advanced composites, electric motors make this personal flying vehicle possible.

NASA's Puffin Aircraft: NASA Langley/Analytical Mechanics Associates

NASA Designs a One-Man Stealth Plane

A super-quiet, hover-capable aircraft design, NASA’s experimental one-man Puffin could show just how much electric propulsion can transform our ideas of flight. It looks like nothing less than a flying suit or a jet pack with a cockpit.

This super-quiet quality makes the Puffin potentially ideal for covert military insertions of special operations units and other troops—indeed, it was originally aimed to launch from submarines; unmanned versions could also help transport supplies. Quieter aircraft  also mean that airports for civil applications such as personal travel and fast courier services could be located much closer to population centers and perhaps even residences without bothering others, significantly cutting down commute times.

Scientific American, full article…

Good animation without audio

Conceptual design focusing on the ability of a redundant electric propulsion system to provide new capabilities for Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft. Specifically utilizing electric motor variable rpm to accomplish a low tipspeed prop-rotor (400 ft/sec tip speed at hover and 200 ft/sec at cruise) to accomplish an order of magnitude reduction in community noise for close proximity operations (30-40 db reduction). The variable rpm capability also achieves a 25% improvement in prop-rotor efficiency through operation at optimal advance ratios.

Enjoy your drive home…

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