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Nissan Intros Leaf EV In Portland

January 25, 2010

Video Tour of The Leaf at OMSI, 12/19/09

On December 19, we visited OMSI where Nissan was showing off their new Leaf all electric vehicle. In this short video, Kate gives a tour of key features and answers some questions for us. The Leaf is a nice sized, good looking car that has a shot at becoming an affordable, practical EV solution as a second family car.

Nissan seems to be taking a reasonable approach to the car design and development of charging station infrastructure. The zero emission Leaf is all electric powered and uses digital dash and a wireless tracking and communication IT system. Engineers worked on the car’s aerodynamics to reduce the drag coefficient low, but used conventional steel body panels so the car weighs and performs like other small crossovers. See specs for the Nissan Versa.

I was not able to take a test drive, in fact at the Portland venue, visitors weren’t allowed to sit in the car. But, they did take a pretend photo of me and my camcorder in a digital version of the Leaf and I got a T shirt.

No real rides for Oregonians in the Nissan Leaf. But, we got this fake digital photo and a Leaf T shirt.

The folks in Phoenix were able to drive the Leaf and had good things to say about it. See photos, videos and more info below.

Go to OMSI Leaf photos to see additional shots.

Good Autoweek magazine video interview Mark Perry, Nissan’s product chief.

For technical specifications and news go to the Nissan Leaf web site.

My earlier Leaf posts. 12/26/09, 12/14/09

We should be able to get hands-on test drive of the Leaf around mid-year.

Stay tuned…


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