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The Future Of Transportation, ITS Part – 4

February 17, 2010

Interview with Futurist Glen Hiemstra

The 2010 Northwest Transportation Conference was held at OSU last week. As promised, I attended the conference and was able to interview a number of the event’s main speakers. The conference theme was “The Future of Transportation is Here” and drew over 350 transportation professionals, mainly from Oregon. The NWT Conference was very well run and the presentations and speakers were excellent.

The February 9, 2010, opening day keynote was given by noted futurist Glen Hiemstra. He spoke for nearly two hours, his presentation was titled “Reflections on Transportation Futures – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”

He wrote the following about his talk.

In my speech I’ll be highlighting 4 key trends – economic volatility, environmental issues remaining in the foreground, the end of cheaper and cheaper energy (which enabled the last century of transportation), and shifting demographics. From these four core trends arise four key challenges – making the energy transition, developing transportation around how we want to live rather than developing our living spaces to accommodate transportation, making Philly legal (borrowing from Duncan Black) which is to say re-inventing our towns and cities, and finally stepping up to actual breakthrough thinking.

Here’s a link to the slides…

Glen Hiemstra is the founder and owner of, a company dedicated to disseminating information about the future to assist individuals, organizations and industries in effective strategic planning. An internationally respected expert on future

Glen Hiemstra - Futurist

trends, long-range planning and creating the preferred future, Glen has advised professional, business, and governmental organizations for two decades and served as a technical advisor for futuristic television programs. A writer and blogger as well as a speaker and consultant, Glen is the author of Turning the Future into Revenue: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Future (Wiley & Sons 2006). Previously he co-authored Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future.

Full bio…

Glen was gracious enough to sit down for a short video interview with Innovational Musings. In Part 1 of the interview we discuss: intelligent transportation systems (ITS), innovation & government, his work with start-ups and creating green jobs.

In part 2 of this interview we discuss the state of research in the U.S. compared to our global competitors, high speed rail and other transportation issues.

Glen is an experienced, knowledgeable and thoughtful speaker, writer and consultant. We appreciate him discussing his views on the future of transportation with the conference attendees and Innovational Musings. Be sure to visit Glen’s Futurist web site.

Next, our interview with Scott Belcher, president & CEO of ITS America.

ITS – Part 3ITS – Part 2ITS – Part 1


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