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Oregon’s Intelligent Transportation Program, ITS – Part 6

February 24, 2010

Interview with Galen McGill, Part – 1

In this first part of our interview with Galen McGill, ODOT’s ITS Program Manager, we talk about how he got into Intelligent Transportation Systems work and Oregon’s ITS projects. The conversation took place on Feb. 10, 2010 , at the NWT Conference.

Part 1
• Galen intro and background
• ODOT ITS Program ITS info center
• Distribution to wireless devices
• Oregon departmental cooperation. ITSA’s award to Portland
• Major ITS projects at ODOT
• OSU collaboration ODOT
• What other states are doing of interest
• ODOT’s work with California CalTrans

Interview with Galen McGill, Part – 2

Galen McGill, Oregon Department of Transportation, Intelligent Transportation Systems Manager sat down with us after moderating a session titled “Innovations for Measuring Arterial Performance.”

Galen heads-up Oregon’s ITS programs and has been active with the NWTC and played an import role in founding the Oregon Chapter of ITS America.
In Part 2 of this this interview we discuss:
• HOV & High Occupancy and Toll (HOT) Lanes
• EV, smart grids and ITS, when will we see it?
• Use of smart phones and social media for ITS
• Distracted driver problems human factors in future
• NWT Conference strong attendance and presentations
You can learn more about the conference and see the presentations at the conference web site.


Galen recommends the below book by Tom Vanderbilt to people who want to better understand why we drive the way we do.  There’s also a good video of a talk the author gave at a Google presentation.

“Fresh and timely . . . Vanderbilt investigates how human nature has shaped traffic, and vice versa, finally answering drivers’ most familiar and frustrating questions.” — Publishers Weekly

“Tom Vanderbilt uncovers a raft of counterintuitive facts about what happens when we get behind the wheel, and why.” — BusinessWeek

Buy the book, read his blog

Links to the other parts of the Innovational Musings ITS Series:

ITS Part – 5ITS – Part 4ITS – Part 3ITS – Part 2ITS – Part 1


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