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Wind & Water Innovations In The Willamette Valley

April 30, 2010

OSU Prof & Evergreen’s 747 get a Lift

For Friday’s amusements, here are links to articles about recognition for a wind power pioneer and a new nest for one of aviation’s biggest birds.

Windpower Engineering’s – 2010 Innovators in Wind Power

Robert Thresher, the grandfather of American wind energy

April 9, 2010 by WindPower Engineering

Dr. Robert Thresher – Often referred to as the grandfather of American wind energy, Dr. Robert Thresher has dedicated most of his life to advancing wind energy technology and promoting the benefits of wind as a clean renewable source of energy in the United States and around the world.

More than three decades ago, Thresher laid a foundation for the advancement of wind technology and has since nurtured its development and remained a vigilant shepherd through deployment of advanced, next-generation technologies. He earned a tenured professorship in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University where he taught courses in Applied Mechanics, and initiated pioneering researcher in the mechanics of Wind Energy Systems during the 1970’s and early 80’s. Read full article…

Have you seen what’s going on in the fields of  McMinnville?

“Evergreen Aviation Museum’s new water park is under construction on the museum campus. The $25.3 million facility is expected to be completed by late spring or early summer of 2011.” Marcus Larson  News-Register

Within the next six weeks, Evergreen plans to lift the 747 atop the water park structure under construction. Marcus Larson News-Register

An Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum crew moved one of the museum’s biggest exhibits – a mothballed, 190-ton Boeing 747-100 cargo plane – Friday morning in preparation of its eventual placement on top of a new museum water park.

The massive plane will be lifted atop the water park superstructure in about six weeks, a spokeswoman said. She said a pair of huge cranes will be brought in for the job.

The supporting structures are already under construction. They are designed not only to hold the 747’s weight, but also to account for the stress that will be placed on the plane’s wings on windy days.

The rest of the water park building will be finished after the 747 is lifted into place. Plans call for having water slides emerge from the plane’s belly.

The 747 will be the signature element in the $25 million park, which Evergreen officials plan to open in the late spring or early summer of 2011. The facility also will feature pools and educational exhibits designed to help teach people about buoyancy and other aspects of water. Read more in the News-Register…

Short video clip of the big lift from KATU TV.

Enjoy your weekend…

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