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FVT Coughs Out Of X-Prize

July 2, 2010

Disappointing News from Future Vehicle Technologies

Our APRIL 23, 2010, Voice Of An Innovator interview with Frank Cloutier discussed the development, technology and teamwork involved in the building the FTV eVaro. Frank also talked about his team’s chances in the Automotive X-Prize.  Unfortunately we learned this week that the FVT eVaro was eliminated from the competition because it failed to pass the emissions test.

The good news is that the team is still committed to pressing on with the development of the car and they have learned a lot by being a part of the X-Prize compettion. They also met with a major automotive manufacturer to discuss potential production of the eVaro. The hot Tesla IPO means that investors will be encouraged to support new car technologies.

This  sad note from the FVT Team:

“Well folks our X-Prize adventure has come to an end. We had some electric motor temperature challenges that showed up during city and urban testing. Unfortunately the emissions test is much like these tests on the driving side while pulling a 400lb trailer. We just could not keep the motors cool enough to perform the test. We already have plans for improving this!

How ironic that an electric car gets eliminated because of emissions! Every team in the race were acutely aware that if even one small part failed on their car the race could potentially end for them. So in a strange twist of fate one of the most efficient vehicles in the race would be eliminated for failing emissions.

The kicker was that although FVT submitted the original plan (which included a gas range extender) to the X Prize more than a year ago,  the eVaro had become so efficient that it no longer needed the range extender to compete. Unfortunately X Prize rules did not allow  changes part way through so without passing emissions we could not continue on.”  See the full note…

We wish the FVT Team better luck in the future.

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