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Arcimoto Pulse – Test Drive With The Stars

September 26, 2010

My Pulse was Racing…

As I strapped myself into the 4th  generation Arcimoto Pulse prototype. Eugene, Oregon is hometown to Arcimoto.  A number of folks attending the August 26, Smart-ups Expo took advantage of the chance to drive this cool electric vehicle (EV) prototype.  Company president Mark Frohnmayer and Eric Fritz, marketing guy and other team members were there to answer questions and promote Arcimoto.

The Stealthy Arcimoto Pulse is Silent but Lively

The tree-wheeled Pulse is Arcimoto’s prototype EV and serves as a representative concept of one of the vehicles they intend to bring to market. Source: Arcimoto website

I’ve been writing about Arcimoto since it premiered  in Portland about a year ago, see: Arcimoto Debuts. But, this was my first chance to take one out for a spin and I was jazzed.

I enjoyed my short drive in the Pulse prototype it was zippy and handled well. They plan to launch the 5th gen. Pulse next year with improvements, like powering the two front wheels instead of the single rear wheel. They are still seeking investors to help with the design upgrades and to move from concept to production.

To learn more about the car and how Nathan Fillion and Castle co-star Jon Huertas became fans…

The Arcimoto Platform

Building a Strong Foundation. The Arcimoto Platform is the electromechanical foundation for the Pulse vehicles. It consists of our three-wheeled chassis, motor, control electronics and chemistry-agnostic energy storage bay.

3-wheelers have been around awhile.

Leonardo da Vinci’s 1478 3-wheeler

A working model of Leonardo da Vinci’s 1478 3-wheeler.  It was completed in 2004 and took technicians 7 years to make.(Source:Florence Science Museum)

If you’re interested in 3-wheelers check out this excellent site 3-wheelers.

The F300 is a two seater “tilting” 3-wheeler

There have been some modern 3-wheelers introduced by auto giants too, like the 1997, Mercedes-Benz F 300 Life-Jet.

The Pulse platform and market segmentation is also reminiscent of the 1950’s BMW Isetta, which we covered in our August 17,  post.  “The egg-shaped Isetta can be said to be the very best microcar of its time. Certainly it is the archetypal “bubble car” and is today recognized and loved worldwide.”  Here’s a delightful video from Rome on the simple beauty of  bubblecars.

The company states. “Arcimoto is targeting a price of $17,500 for the base model vehicle, exact product features, cost and timelines will be announced when they are finalized. Arcimoto will be hosting test drive events showcasing the platform prototype to prospective customers in the Northwest in the early fall.”

“Ready to be an Arcimoto Pioneer? Arcimoto is currently accepting fully refundable pre-order reservation deposits of $500 applicable to the purchase of an Arcimoto electric vehicle. Click here to reserve your ride.”

I wasn’t the only fan. Two weeks earlier Nathan Fillion and Castle co-star Jon Huertas had enthusiastically endorsed the Pulse and are now championing the the vehicle.

“It’s like Driving a Shark” Jon Huertas

Castle co-star Jon Huertas and Pulse fan Nathan Fillion tool around Eugene.

August 21, 2010

By Gia Vang & Jeff Skrzypek

EUGENE, Ore. — He’s the star of ABC’s hit show Castle, finding big success in Hollywood, but what is actor Nathan Fillion doing in Eugene? He came for an estimated $17,000 electric car that can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour.

“There’s a lot of electric cars out there that go 25 miles an hour, not quite what you need in Los Angeles or you’ll get killed,” said Fillion, “I couldn’t get the smile off my face, when we were done with the ride, I thought I might have to get use to this because my face hurts a little bit here.”

Co-star Jon Huertas is saying he’s found a new ride. “It felt like I was driving a shark. That’s my new quote, that’s my new tag line because it feels like I’m in such control of this vehicle,” said Huertas.  See the full story and video on KEZI…

Later, Fillion tweeted to his 600,000+ followers. “The Arcimoto Pulse is a space fighter of a car. Completely electric. Completely stylin’. Get in the cockpit and fly!”  Arcimoto’s severs were slammed with traffic. Read more about the stellar visit in Eric Fritz’s blog.

Now the company and the car have garnered a vast new audience of potential customers and investors.  Thanks to a little star dust from Nathan Fillion and Jon Huertas. Real world, tech-launchin’ heroes.  Hooray for Hollywood!


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