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ONAMI & MBI Open House

October 5, 2010

Showcase for Pacific Northwest Nanoscience Institutes

We covered ONAMI & MBI and Sanda’s marketing work with them in our March 16 post. We’ve had a long and rewarding relationship with both institutes, so I was happy to attend the ONAMI (Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute) & MBI (Microproducts Breakthrough Institute) open house to celebrate the completion of a $10 million laboratory expansion of their facilities on the HP Campus in Corvallis on August 27, 2010.

MBI’s Online Poster Tour

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden was one of the dignitaries and speakers there to celebrate the success. Wyden, an original ONAMI champion, recently said.

“By 2015, nanotechnology is expected to be a $2 trillion industry. That’s why I believe that nanotechnology and its applications in medicine, manufacturing, information technology, energy and a host of other applications is going to drive the 21st Century economy, and why I want Oregon, through the leadership of the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, to be in the vanguard of this exciting new field.”

Good news has been in short supply during the “Great Recession.” ONAMI has been one of the few bright spots in Oregon’s economic universe.


ONAMI, Oregon BEST and OTRADI win EDA i6 Challenge

Oregon Wins National Competition to Bring New Technologies to Market Faster

Oregon has been named one of six winners of the i6 Challenge, a new $12 million competition by the federal government to identify the nation’s best ideas for technology commercialization and entrepreneurship.” See full release

August 27th was a beautiful, end of summer day and there was a turnout of about 500 people there to tour the “World Class” ONAMI & MBI research facilities. There were also speeches and presentations.

In addition to Senator Ron Wyden. The following people addressed the attendees:

  • Ed Ray, OSU President
  • Mike Kluse, PNNL Lab Director
  • Ron Adams, OSU College of Engineering Dean
  • Michael Baker, HD+ President and CEO
  • Sam Angelos, HP Vice-President and General Manager
  • Rich Peterson, MBI Co-Director and OSU Professor
  • Jack Rundel, MBI Capabilities Coordinator

Open House and more MBI info…

Take The Tour

After the speakers there were small break-out sessions, facility tours and student poster presentations, the grand event was concluded with an in-house BBQ.

Below is a short video I shot to give you a brief look at the event.

About the MBI

The Microproducts Breakthrough Institute is a unique collaboration between Oregon State University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory focused on the development and commercialization of microchannel-based technologies for energy, medical, environmental and national security applications. Formed in 2003, the MBI model is to include academic, federal laboratory and industrial researchers in the same facility and to support the researchers with unique fabrication, modeling and testing capabilities tailored to the development of microchannel devices.

Key Facilities

The MBI includes facilities for supporting the design, fabrication, testing and pilot production of microchannel process technology (MPT), nanomaterials, nanofluids and nanostructured films.

  • The Arrayed Microchannel Manufacturing Facility supports manufacturing research and development for the sustainable production of MPT including alpha and beta-prototyping.
  • The Oregon Process Innovation Center (OPIC) for Solar Cell Manufacturing supports the development and scaling of cheaper, greener and safer nanomaterials, nanofluids and nanostructured thin films based on microreactor-assisted solution phase synthesis and deposition processes.

Fab Capabilities

The specialized fabrication capabilities at the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute enable rapid prototyping and development of microscale devices. Microchannel heat exchangers, microreactors and lab-on-chip devices are all examples of what we have designed, built and tested at the MBI. Our tooling and processes are geared specifically for laminated, or “sheet,” architectures, where thin layers are patterned and stacked to create fluidic paths. We have processes for patterning, bonding and applying surface treatments to polymer and metal constructions.

Small Wonders of the Willamette Valley

Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley is home to some of nature’s most wondrous produce. ONAMI & MBI extends the fruitful enterprise with its promise to nuture science and start-ups with their mission to: “Discover, Develop and Deploy” nanoscience and technology.

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