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Arcimoto Intros Cool New Electric Vehicles

May 9, 2011

“It’s Like Driving a Shark!”

In September of last year I got to test drive the Arcimoto Pulse, Prototype 4, see post.  It was a kick to drive and the Eugene, Ore. based start-up is led by visionary entrepreneur Mark Frohnmayer.

It’s good to see the progress the Arcimoto team has made on these cars and how they are putting some pizazz into going green. The Pulse was more fun to drive than the Nissan LEAF and should come in at almost half its cost.

Arcimoto recently announced new models they are readying for market.

Introducing the Arcimoto SRK Production Prototype

Arcimoto unveiled the SRK product prototype, ‘Red 5’ on April 23, 2011. The Company is currently testing this prototype as it moves towards product finalization, the launch of the SRK pilot fleet and the push to production.

The SRK is Arcimoto’s first product. Designed as a hybrid of an electric motorcycle and an aerodynamic jeep on steroids, the SRK features multiple choices for range and body enclosure, a refined and exhilarating ride experience and is targeted to have an affordable base model price.

Code named ‘Red 5’,  it’s the fifth-generation prototype and is the culmination of 3 1/2 years of experience designing, engineering, and building the everyday electric. Improvements from previous iterations include an ultra-efficient drive system, race caliber suspension, a lighter yet stronger frame, and a newly designed lightweight body shell.

The base model is priced at $17,500. Beyond the base, purchasers can select hard or soft-shell coverings. They can stick with the heavy-weight lead acid batteries, or they can pony up as much as $5,000 additional for lithium batteries — which will increase the car’s between-charge range to 80 miles, up from the standard 40.

Arcimoto, which is in the startup phase, has a dozen employees. It hopes to have a pilot fleet of up to 10 cars done by the end of the year. It’s sold four cars so far, mostly to investors.

Company officials hope to find a manufacturing site in Eugene and begin production in 2012, President Mark Frohnmayer said. As reported by the Register-Guard…

Arcimoto is planning three body options for enclosure, targeted at specific use patterns and needs. To learn more and see the different options, or to sign-up for yours, go to: SRK…


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