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ROVs & UAVs Takeover Seattle

May 16, 2011

Cascade Chapter of AUVSI – Spring Symposium, Part 1

The Cascade Chapter of the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) held its Spring Symposium in Seattle on April 28, 2011. The weather driving up from Oregon on Wednesday the 27th, was typical of the nasty springtime we’re having in the Pacific Northwest; mixed clouds, sun and occasional hard rain.

We got lucky on the 28th with a mostly warm sunny day. The event was held at the Maritime Event Center on Seattle’s Pier 66. The center is a beautiful for place for meetings with great views on the outside and excellent exhibits on the inside. There’s more on the conference center below.

The Symposium was packed with enlightening presentations, UAV/ROV exhibits, delightful food and ample networking time in a splendid venue. Over 50 professionals from the Pacific Northwest attended the full day of events.

What follows is a sampling of photos and a few video excerpts I shot of  the presentations and exhibits. This is the first in a series of three posts on the symposium.

Selected Shots of the Spring Symposium

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Local Cascade Chapter members displayed their Technology and the Expo floor was sold out! Presenters from the U.S. Navy and i-Robot flew into Seattle from Maryland and Massachusetts in order to attend and brief attendees on the Navy’s UUV programs and i-Robot’s discussed their underwater endeavors. Members were briefed in regards to the Oregon UAV Air-Space Project, the Navy’s Marine Mammal Program, SAIC’s Autonomous UUV Launch & Recovery Program, BlueView Technologies Imaging Sensors, and Boeing’s P-8 Program being built in Seattle. Blurb from the Chapter’s website…

Most of the focus of the AUVSI membership is on aerial vehicles which are capturing much of the attention and funding these days. But, remotely operated vehicles, both undersea and land based are within the purview of the AUVSI. This meeting was mainly about underwater ROVs.

US Navy’s Under Water Systems Master Plan

Mr. Robert A. Simmons, PMS-408 (EOD), Underwater EOD Assistant Program Manager presented the Navy’s Plan to Enhance Underwater Mine Countermeasures Capabilities and Capacities with Expeditionary Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV). I got to ask Rob about the Navy’s plans to limit the proliferation of cheap and dangerous ROVs/UAVs from getting into the hands of the bad guys.

Continue for additional symposium info:

Spring Symposium Agenda

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • “U/W Systems Master Plan” – US Navy, Rob Simmons, PMS (EOD) 408

  • “Imaging Sensors for Undersea Operations” –  Lee Thomson, CEO/CTO, Blueview Technologies
  • “Sea Gliders, AUVs and Hybrid Systems” – Paco Santana, iRobot Maritime Systems
  • Marine Mammal Program – Mike Rothe, Space and Naval Warfare System  US Navy
  • “Autonomous UUV Launch & Recovery” – Phil Lebas, SAIC Ocean Technology, Program Manager/Senior System Engineer
  • “Boeing P-8A Poseidon Update” – How the P8 program will integrate unmanned systems.

  • “Oregon Airspace Update” – John Lynch, Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Facility in Central Oregon

Seattle’s beautiful MEC Opened in 2009

The Maritime Event Center at Bell Harbor International Conference Center in downtown Seattle.

This newly available venue is located adjacent to Bell Harbor International Conference
Center and offers more than 20,000 square feet of space at Pier 66. The Maritime Event Center
offers unbeatable views of Elliott Bay and Seattle’s skyline, along with top notch catering service

Chapter staff has posted a number of presentations from the symposium on the AUVSI Cascade Chapter website…

End – Part 1

See – Part 2


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