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ROVs & UAVs Takeover Seattle – Part 2

May 22, 2011

Cascade Chapter of AUVSI – Spring Symposium

Here’s the second of three posts with photos and video clips of the Spring Symposium.  The Cascade Chapter of the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI), held the event in Seattle on April 28, 2011.

Selected Shots from the Symposium

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There were many excellent presentations given during the full-day event. The agenda is listed below.
Spring Symposium Agenda

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • “U/W Systems Master Plan” – US Navy, Rob Simmons, PMS (EOD) 408
  • “Imaging Sensors for Undersea Operations” –  Lee Thomson, CEO/CTO, Blueview Technologies
  • “Sea Gliders, AUVs and Hybrid Systems” – Paco Santana, iRobot Maritime Systems
  • Marine Mammal Program – Mike Rothe, Space and Naval Warfare Systems, US Navy
  • “Autonomous UUV Launch & Recovery” – Phil Lebas, SAIC Ocean Technology, Program Manager/Senior System Engineer
  • “Boeing P-8A Poseidon Update” – How the P8 program will integrate unmanned systems.
  • “Oregon Airspace Update” – John Lynch, Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Facility in Central Oregon

Sample Video Clips of the Presentations

The clips are from:

1- Lee Thomson, CEO of BlueView Technologies, talk on Imaging Sensors for Undersea Operations.

BlueView delivers state of the art, compact acoustic imaging and measurement solutions for defense, energy, civil engineering, transportation, and port security applications worldwide. Learn more about BlueView…

2- Paco Santana, Director of Maritime Systems, iRobot Corp, presntation on Sea Gliders and AUVs

The iRobot 1KA Seaglider is a deep-diving Underwater Unmanned Vehicle designed for missions lasting many months and covering thousands of miles. Seaglider measures temperature, salinity and other quantities in the ocean. More info on iRobot’s Maritime Systems…

3- Mike Rothe, Space and Naval Warfare Systems, US Navy, charming talk on Marine Mammal Program

The development, training, veterinary care, and research facility that supports today’s Navy Marine Mammal Program is centered in the Biosciences Division of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) located in San Diego, California. More on the Marine Mammal Program…

The Chapter staff has posted a number of presentations from the symposium on the AUVSI Cascade Chapter website…

Part 3 of this series will show shots and videos of the exhibitors at the symposium.

See Part 1…


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