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Arcimoto Slays Translogic

July 27, 2011

There was bad news in our last post about 3-wheeler makers Green Vehicles and Aptera. Hopefully, Oregon based Arcimoto can get adequate funding to bring their car to market. We wrote about Arcimoto’s new SRK in May and took a test drive last Sept. of  their Gen4 prototype.

The new Arcimoto SRK has some nifty improvements over earlier versions. The basic vehicle platform can be configured in a number of optional body styles and battery packs.

SRK body options

The base model is priced at $17,500. Beyond the base, you can select hard or soft-shell coverings. You can stay with the standard heavy lead acid batteries, or you can opt for the lighter Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery pack for an additional $5,000, which increases the SRK’s between charge range to 80 miles, up from the standard 40 miles between charges.

The new features I found most impressive are:

  • They’ve moved the drive to the two front wheels which should improve handling and cornering. I was never comfortable with a single rear drive that keeps the drive wheel in the oil slick in the center of many roadways.
  • Minimum dashboard electronics depending instead on the driver’s smartphone to handing many of the command and control functions.
  • The battery options that let owners easily upgrade batteries as technology advances.
The new Arcimoto SRK was taken on a spin by Translogics‘ Bradley Hasemeyer. In this video he discusses the car with company president Mark Frohnmayer and gives the new SRK a very positive review.

What the all-electric Arcimoto SRK lacks in performance, it makes up for with unique innovations like its battery agnostic platform and USB key. Through creative thinking and distinct design, the head-turning Arcimoto SRK accomplishes a futuristic feel in a reasonably priced package.

The Arcimoto is closer to a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), even though it has a stated top speed of 65 mph, than the Nissan LEAF. And the SRK will not work as the only car for most families. But, it is a lot more affordable and fun to drive than the LEAF.

Let’s hope  Arcimoto fares better than Green Vehicles and we see their cool EV cars zipping around towns across America bringing miles of smiles…

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