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$1.2M To Rev-up Drive Oregon & Hire New Director

September 8, 2011

Legislature Funds Drive Oregon to Promote Growth in Electric Vehicle Industry

News from Drive Oregon

August 10th, 2011

SALEM, ORE. – With the support of Governor John Kitzhaber and the Oregon Legislature, the Oregon Innovation Council has awarded $1.2 million in funding for Drive Oregon, an initiative to energize that state’s emerging electric vehicle industry and take advantage of the federal government’s goal to have a million plug-in vehicles on the road in the next four years.

“Drive Oregon embodies the kind of organization that can help position our state to leverage its leadership in the electric vehicle sector and to grow solid family- and high- wage jobs and keep money in the local economy,” said Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen, and chair of the Governor’s Transportation Electrification Executive Council (TEEC).

Funding is expected to be in place by the end of this year that will allow Drive Oregon to move forward with plans to nurture the economic development potential of the electric vehicle, transportation electrification and energy storage industries. See full article…

Some of that funding will go to hire a new director.

Position: Drive Oregon – Executive Director

Posted: Sep. 1, 2011

Closes: Sep. 23, 2011


Drive Oregon, the state’s industry association for electric  vehicles (EVs) and components, is seeking an Executive Director (ED). This is a  full-time position, and the ED reports to the Board of Directors. Drive Oregon  is a coalition of companies and interest groups engaged in the EV industry and  transportation electrification. Drive Oregon consists of companies that develop and produce vehicles and components, perform conversions, and provide consulting services for hybrid and electric vehicles and energy storage  technologies.

Drive Oregon’s mission is to catalyze the growth of Oregon’s electric vehicle industry to ensure Oregon develops and maintains its competitive advantage and maximize the economic  development potential of this emerging industry. To learn more about the job, go here…

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