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IBM Watson Team – Innovators of the Year

September 28, 2011

R&D Mag Names Big Blue Watson Team Innovators of the Year

Over the last year I have written a lot about Watson. True Artificial Intelligence and natural language understanding are very hard problems to solve.  Irrespective of the smart machines and clever robots like Maria, ElectroRobby and Hal, who have  fascinated movie goers for decades, real-world machine intelligence has been a long time coming.

We at Innovational Musings congratulate the IBM Watson Team for their accomplishment and well deserved recognition for reaching a real milestone in man-machine relations.

The Man, The Team & The Machine

“In recognition of their accomplishment in Watson, the editors of R&D Magazine have honored Dr. David Ferrucci, research staff member, Watson team leader, and IBM Fellow, and the members of IBM Research’s DeepQA Team with their highest individual innovation award, the Innovator of the Year.  In 2011, for the first time, the editors recognize the teamwork involved in making possible the most advanced computer-supported intelligence system yet: Watson.” More on the award…

Dr. David Ferrucci is a Research Staff Member and leader of the Semantic Analysis and Integration Department at IBM’s T.J. Watson’s Research Center. His team of 25 researchers focuses on developing technologies for discovering knowledge in natural language and leveraging those technologies in a variety of intelligent search, data analytics, and knowledge management solutions. See Ferrucci bio…

Robots can be your friends, like AWESOM-O.

Read more about the Watson project and the team…

See how Watson works…

Also see where Watson went to work…

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